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Your Guide To Stop-Motion Animations And How They Help in Marketing Your Business

Your Guide To Stop-Motion Animations And How They Help in Marketing Your Business
by admin September 22, 2018

From banner ad and blogs which were the standard ways of marketing online, organizations today have understood that to increase traffic, animated or stop-motion videos play a pivotal role in business promotion.

In our last blog, we shared the different genres of photography you can explore for your business.  In this blog, we will tell you about stop-motion animation, a new and highly popular photography trend that can grab a lot of customer eyeballs to your brand.

Let’s start off by getting to know what stop-motion animation is

These videos are created by capturing a series of photos with minor adjustments in the object or scene being captured. These photos are then played in quick succession to appear as if an event is taking place very quickly.

Also, known as stop-frame animation, the process includes positioning the camera in at one place and shooting the images one frame at a time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. When you play back the sequence of images rapidly, it creates the illusion of movement resulting in a seamless video.

Role of these videos in business marketing

Videos have become one of the most popular ways of propagating marketing messages to the business’s target audience. Especially with the boom in social networking sites, YouTube, and other video viewing media.

From new collections to products demos, videos effectively communicate the desired information to the audience. Stop-motion videos are relatively cost effective as they do not involve long shoots with a detailed script and retakes.

They are fairly simple and fast to make. Most importantly, they swiftly communicate the marketing message to the viewers in an entertaining manner that will remain at the top of their mind for a long time.

All you need to ensure is that the video quality speaks for itself. If the video is straightforward and the message is transparent, you can be sure to receive results very quickly.

How does it help boost your website traffic?

When you post high quality stop-frame videos on social media and gain the attention of viewers who are potential buyers, you can move the purchase cycle ahead by adding a link to the video that redirects the viewers to your website.

Once on your website, customers can get more information about your business, buy products online or contact you directly. Thus, closing the sale.

Another way videos improve your website traffic is that now search engines results show video results above the pages or articles based on the keywords. Therefore, by including videos on your website, you improve its chances of being viewed by customers.

Businesses are using creative videos to increase engagement with their target audience now more than ever. Animated videos help in making a great impression, creating something visually arresting and getting your message across even when the audience has a fleeting attention span.

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