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The Seven Best Food Photography Props to Give Your Images the Extra Oomph

The Seven Best Food Photography Props to Give Your Images the Extra Oomph
by admin January 13, 2019

Props are an essential part of food photographs. In fact, they are as important as the food itself!

Food provides a multi-sensory experience that begins with our eyes. Before we take in the aroma or have the first bite, we form preconceived notions about how the food will taste like by evaluating how mouthwatering it looks.

However, the game changes when it comes to food photography Dubai. Since the viewers can only judge the dishes by their sense of sight, the professionals not only use innovative technology but also assemble the food with different props to emphasize the prime subject.

“Propping should not distract the viewer from the food but make it more interesting”, explains food photography expert at GLMA Studio. “And they don’t have to be expensive also”, he further adds.

Whether you are taking photos for your food-based business or you are simply a hobbyist wishing to upload images of your creation on social media, adding props to the setup will bring your favorite dishes to life.

Here, we list down some of the staple prop items that will make your food look more detectable.

  1. Unique cutting boards

People like to see food being prepared – in action.  A wooden cutting board or a marble slab does the trick if you want to capture food being handled or manipulated in different ways. Complete your in-the-works dish with a standard knife, a rolling pin, or cutters for a classic shot.

  1. Textured fabrics

A simple piece of cloth can add an extra depth to your photograph. However, stick to neutral color and fine patterned linen, as dark colors will give your food a weird tint.

  1. White crockery

A set of white crockery does a great job of highlighting the food and is a versatile addition for any dish. You can also be a little more adventurous by opting for white pieces in uncommon shapes.

  1. Matte dinnerware

Beware of shiny objects that reflect light in your photographs. Instead, go for dinner props in matte-finish to reduce the amount of reflection produced by light. Dark-toned shades such as black, brown, and blue with no rim works best if you can find them.

  1. Ingredients

Peppers, flours, coriander, mint, and assorted seeds – these and many other extras can make great props themselves. Use them to garnish your food items or sprinkle them around the serving dish to make your food look livelier.

  1. Decorative flatware

Look for spoons, knives, and forks in unusual shape and size to liven up an ordinary display. Gold utensils with decorative handles also look good and add the much-needed vigor to your dish.

  1. Parchment paper

A crinkled piece of parchment paper can add texture and depth to the photo’s compositions without being distracting. The inexpensive item can be used in place of napkins and works well when photographing baked goods.

Bonus item: Cooking spray

A dish starts looking dull when it sits out for even a few minutes. Cooking spray is a great way to make your food shine and fresh out of the oven.

Focus on the food

If you feel overwhelmed with all the props and tips, simply concentrate on the food and leave the food photography Dubai to experts. At GLMA Studio, we stock a wide variety of food props to add details to your dishes. Get in touch with us and notice the magic.

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