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Five Reasons for Hiring Professional Real Estate Photographers in Dubai

Five Reasons for Hiring Professional Real Estate Photographers in Dubai
by admin February 28, 2019

Perhaps the most significant aspect of home showing is the buyer’s ‘first impression.’ This determines if the buyer would like to see more of the place or reject it primarily because of curb appeal. As a home seller or real estate agent, you should not miss the opportunity to create a great first impression and encourage the buyer’s reaction to be former – not latter.

Today, almost every homebuyer has access to the internet and prefers checking online listings for ‘homes for sale.’ Online consumers respond to photos and if they are not sold on the images they see online, chances are, they will move to another listing.

This is why it is important that you choose professional photographs for your real estate transactions. Homes with high-quality images not only sell faster but also avail better offers.

Here, we list down some of the top reasons why hiring professional photography services Dubai for your real estate images is necessary.

1. Professional photos are unmatchable

You may be confident about the photographs you take from your smartphone camera but they are no replacement for the professional touch an expert can bring.

Photography is all about lightning and angles. A professional photographer is a master of these skills and can capture the home at the right level and make it desirable.

2. Listings with professional photos sell faster

Did you know that listings with high quality photos garner 61% more views than listings without professional photos? Moreover, Listings with professional photographs sell 32% faster, spending only 89 days on the market compared to 123 for other homes.

Cutting time on a listing in the competitive real estate of Dubai can make a huge difference for you and your client.

3. Home buyers prioritize listings with photos

As we humans continue to progress technologically, our attention span has reduced immensely. In fact, the average attention span is now 8 seconds long, down from 12 seconds in 2000. Our attention span online is even shorter and most of us skim websites for only 2.6 seconds before moving on to another area of our interest. However, listings with photos capture the attention of a buyer for a whopping 20 seconds.

4. Increases commission

If you are a real estate agent, the transactions are your livelihood and it is necessary that you sell a specific number of houses and plots per year.

Besides getting faster sales, agents who outsource photography to professional photography services Dubai earn twice as much commission as those who don’t.

Give GLMA Studio a try

Hiring a professional photograph may sound intimidating due to the misconception of high prices. However, the greater revenue surpasses the minimal investment besides the other benefits. In the fast-paced society, high quality real estate photographs have the power to capture the attention of your buyer and result in a better deal.

If you are interested in investing for the success of your real estate business, contact us for details on our professional photography services Dubai and a free quote.