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4 Interesting Genres of Photography You Can Explore for Your Business

4 Interesting Genres of Photography You Can Explore for Your Business
by admin September 22, 2018

We are truly living in a digital age. As a result, our businesses need to be represented in the best possible light to attract our target consumers. In our last blog, we highlighted the reasons a business should spend on a professional photo shoot.

Today, our blog will tell you about the diverse kinds of genres of photography you can explore to highlight different aspects of your business or across varied business types.

Whether you need photos for social media campaigns, billboards or in-store advertising campaigns; photography tells your story to the viewer. Understanding the different styles or genres of photography is key for developing a variation is your marketing messages.

Let’s look at the top genres that you can draw inspiration from:

Architectural photography

A great option for builders, realtors, facility management companies as well as businesses working out of swanky locations, architectural photography captures an interesting form, shape or color of structures and can be visually appealing.

Architectural photography includes getting attractive photos of well-designed interiors as well as grand exterior facades of buildings. All most all businesses that work out of a brick and mortar establishment can use this style of photography.

Fashion Photography

With the rise of e-commerce business, fashion photography is a very common genre these days. Also popular among retail brands and individual design labels and boutiques, this style of photography attractively captures products such as apparel, shoes, bags and even jewelry, and represents it in a way that makes it look appealing to customers.

Night-long exposure photography

This is a great way to capture how the world transforms after dark. This type of photography is great for amusement parks, nightclubs, music festivals and outdoor tourist attractions. If you run a large-scale business that is operational throughout the night, it will be interesting to use this genre of photography to capture the beautiful transition of lights and colors.

These photographs will not only look great on your website but can also be used on tickets and other promotional material.

Event Photography

Most businesses regularly host events such as product launches, Ramadan gatherings, annual galas and more. It is important that you capture these events via photos and videos to use on your website, newsletter or in email marketing campaigns with partners, vendors, and customers.

It’s a great idea to capture red carpet shots, shots of speakers and performers and candid photography to capture guests having a good time. These not only make for great memories you can share with employees, but you can also publish on social media to gain attention.

Once an event is over the moment is lost and without great photos to show it is difficult to easily convey the story of the event. This is why hiring a professional team for event photography and videography services is a must.

At GLMA Studio, we specialize in numerous genres of photography and videography services including Event Photography Services in Dubai. We also create stunning stop-motion videos that look great on your website and social media. Get in touch with us for a quote.

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